Regional Training Seminars

Yes there are new Wage and Hourly Laws to be aware of. You will receive a 21 page handout covering all aspects of wage and hour laws from overtime to the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees; Guidance for Private Employers on Obama's changes to the White Collar Exemptions on Overtime; A summary of California's Mandatory Paid Sick leave; A summary of the law change in the Rest and Meal Periods including the verification form; The nine items that must be on every employee's Pay Stub; What's the story on Timesheets?; And how to handle Travel time.

Larry Levy, Owner, Employee Relations Management Consultant

Richmond Seminar
Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 9:00 am - Noon
Marina Bay Yacht Harbor
1340 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA 94530

Delta Seminar
Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 9:00 am - Noon
Best Western I-5 Inn & Suites
6411 West Banner Street, Lodi, CA 95242

Postmarked ON or BY February 8, 2017MRA Member PriceNon-Member Price
First Attendee$89$119
Additional Attendees$69$99
Postmarked AFTER February 8, 2017MRA Member PriceNon-Member Price
First Attendee$109$139
Additional Attendees$89$129

San Diego Seminar
Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 9:00 am - Noon
Bay Club Hotel & Marina
2131 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106

San Pedro Seminar
Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 9:00 am - Noon
California Yacht Marina - Cabrillo Marina
224 Whalers Walk, San Pedro, CA 90731

Postmarked ON or BY March 22, 2017MRA Member PriceNon-Member Price
First Attendee$89$119
Additional Attendees$69$99
Postmarked AFTER March 22, 2017MRA Member PriceNon-Member Price
First Attendee $109$139
Additional Attendees$89$129

Also coming this year ...

April/May 2017: Maintenance and Safety
Repair cost too high? Unexplained accidents keeping staff out on leave? How well is your safety program defined? What are the key measures that you can set up daily and weekly to keep cost down and safety up? What procedures are in place for investigation of an accident or death at the marina? Who is in charge?
Danté Bellino, Risk Control Consultant, InterWest Insurance Services, Inc.

May/June: Legal Issues in Your Daily Operations
Are you prepared to deal with Legal issues that pop up in the Day to Day Operations? Spend a little time up front to learn HOW TO DEAL WITH COMMON PROBLEMS. What are the Best practices to minimize liability exposure from vendors, third parties, and customers? Who should be concerned with the latest DEVELOPMENTS WITH ADA? Are there ways to AVOID PENALTIES AND SUITS UNDER THE CLEAN WATER ACT?
Lynn Krieger, Partner, Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard, and Smith, LLP & Michael Vinding, Esq., Brady & Vinding

TBD: OSHA Standards for Industrial Forklift, Marine Forklift & Marine Travelift
Are you and your employees OSHA certified to operate industrial forklifts, Marine forklifts or Marine travelifts? OSHA compliant training requires three key steps: #1 classroom training, #2 each employee / operator must complete a practical exercise on the equipment and #3 the practical must occur at the place of employment not off site (the practical session will be scheduled at your facility). At the end of this course, your employee will be issued an OSHA compliant certification that is valid for 3 years—OSHA is out there looking for non-compliant marinas and boat yards as you know the fines are expensive.
Robert Smith, ASHM, Marina Safety Specialist, MYMIC Training Technologies

TBD: Marina Fuel Systems Design & Installation
Do you have a fuel dock or a fueling station on site? Come learn the Best Management Practices for Marina Fuel System Design & Installation. Find out the new EPA requirements for Diesel Exhaust Fluid for the Marine Industry. What are the impactions and are there safe and effective ways to handle Low Sulphur Diesel Contamination.
Gary Baker, Director, OmegaFlex Inc.

TBD: Marine Lien Sales
Tired of money owed by a customer not paying? Tired of a derelict boat taking up a valuable slip? It is time for a lien sale! How do you do a lien sale? What are the legal ins and outs to properly do a lien sale? What is the difference on a documented vessel verses a state registered Vessel. How long does it take to put a lien in place? How long is a lien good for? Who pays the fees for setting up a lien sale? Can you put together a lien sale on your own? What services are available for handling a lien sale if I want to outsource?
April Castello, Owner, Marine Lien Sale Service / John Grant, Owner, Grant Lien Sales

We look forward to seeing you at Any or All of these Sessions. For additional details as the event month gets closer contact: Mariann Timms at or Pat Bagan at or visit