Be Included in the Search Engine

The simplest way to have a site included in the search engine is to join the MRA! It is our goal to make the first Internet web site that marinas and recreational boaters go to when they are looking for marinas and marina products and services. If you are not an MRA member, we simply ask that you pay a nominal charge to help defray the cost of the site. 

For marinas, the MRA-hosted web page provides the marina name, address, contact information, an optional 200-word description and up to two photos. A YouTube video may also be included. The amenities associated with your marina (for example, types of slips, length of stay, types of vessels, services) are listed. A Google map and the current weather are also included on the page. 

marina products and services web page provides your company name, address, key contact information, and an optional 200-word description and up to two photos and a YouTube video. The capabilities associated with your business are also be listed. 

Free - Members
$200 - Non-members 


Add Your Website to the Nautical Links Page

The Nautical Links page lists Web Sites for MRA marinas, trade member sites, and related sites. 
Free - Members
$50/yr - Non-members 


Insert a Custom Banner Ad

Banner ads can be used very effectively to promote marinas, marine services and products. They should be eye-catching designs. We can arrange a design for a reasonable fee, or you can design your own. You can be assured that Internet users who come to this site are interested in BOATING, just as we are!

Banner Ads:
$35 for 3 months - Members
$50 for 3 months - Non-members

Please contact Mariann Timms.


Details for Web Banner Ads

Trade Members: Details for Web Banner Ads
The banner ads are limited to 122 pixels wide and 105 pixels high. If your advertising is more narrow than 122 pixels, such as a 100-pixel logo and some short descriptive text, it will be boxed in with a blue line. If you submit a graphic that is greater than 122 pixels, it will be scaled down, and there is no guarantee as to its quality. 

The graphic format should be “jpg,” “gif,” or “png.”

Be sure to send us the URL (link) to which you want interested parties to go when they click on your ad.