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Associate Marine Operator

$450.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Primarily ports, cities, counties, state parks, shipyards with transient but NO long-term slip rentals (per location).

Industry Associate

$282.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Primarily marine retailers (boat dealers, retailers, magazines) and interested parties with marine stakeholder positions.

Marinas & Boatyards

Annual Membership
Commercial, public, private marina operations with long-term slip rentals.

Trade Membership

$478.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Any business engaged in manufacturing, selling, distributing, construction, designing, repairing, or furnishing facilities to or with respect to marinas and water-oriented recreation facilities of every kind and description and boats, vessel, engines, accessories, electronics, equipment, appliances, materials and services used in the construction, repair or operation thereof.