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News Releases - October 2 2019

News Releases - October 2 2019

War Stories - The Trials and Tribulations of a Marine Lawyers 30 Years in the Trenches



October 2, 2019


For Immediate Release



War Stories: The Trials and Tribulations of a Marine Lawyer's 30 Years in the Trenches . . .


If you have been around marinas and the marine industry for a while you know how insane and inane some of the legal challenges can become, but can you imagine paying $1 million in moorage fees to the U.S. Navy over time, and then discovering that the Navy didn't "own" the waters !?

Or how about chasing down the deadbeat owner of the second largest yacht in the world who charged $360,000 in fuel for his boat, and then left port without paying. Or our personal favorite . . . The owner of a small sailboat who arrived one morning at 2 am, refused to sign a wharfage contract the next day claiming he had already paid $10,000 in cash to the Marina Manager and that he was a former member of the Israeli Mossad, and no-doubt had a pro bono attorney in his pocket.

The MRA's General Counsel, Philip E. Weiss, has been around, and possibly seen it all in his 30 years of lawyering. Phil routinely presents at the MRA Conference, but usually his objective is to educate MRA members on legal issues of concern and ways to avoid becoming a legal casualty. This time Phil will be focusing on the "lighter side" of some of the more bizarre cases he has been involved with.

Phil's "War Stories: A Maritime Lawyer's Digest of 30 Years of the Most Bizarre Cases Handled" will be presented at this year's Annual MRA Conference & Trade Show on Tuesday, October 22nd at 3:45 pm, and despite the lite topic there are certain to be a few lessons to learn.   

The 2019, 48th Annual MRA Educational Conference & Trade Show will run for three days (October 21 - 23) with more than thirty educational seminars and special presentations, and an expansive Trade Show featuring more than fifty industry vendors and services . . . all taking place at the beautiful Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines Hotel Conference Center in sunny San Diego. 

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The MRA Educational Conference & Trade Show is a "don't miss" opportunity for all marine industry professionals to meet and share experiences and effective strategies to better manage an ever-evolving business environment.

The Marine Recreation Association is a professional organization that represents marina owners, operators, and industry professionals located throughout the western United States with additional members in Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Created more than 49 years ago, the MRA actively promotes and represents recreational boating interests while providing educational, management, and operations seminars and information for marine industry owners, operators, and staff.

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 October 02, 2019